Innovations that enabled MF TECH to place the world leader :

Innovations that have enabled MF TECH to become a global market leader:

Process 1: Standard winding
Conventional winding process, generally used for winding between 2 and 6 axes.
Applicable for robots at one or multiple levels. This process is easy to use and is suitable for wet winding or pre-impregnation.

Process 2: With attachment
This innovation offers a high level of autonomous production and leads to a sharp decrease in automation costs.

Process 2 vengascofiber placement technology

Our filament winding robots are programmable via ComposiCAD from SS&A, Cadwind, Cadfil, . . .

The use of robots makes it simpler to adapt our machines to other process technologies:

composicad for fiber placement technology


Fiber placement process:
We are currently developing a new fiber placement head to enable you to produce parts of greater complexity.

Fiber placement 2

Machining process:
We are able to adapt a machining pin with or without changing the tool on a given robotic workstation
Our machining robots are programmable using PowerMill by Delcam.

delcam - fiber placement technology

The new generation KUKA robots that we incorporate are easy to use and fulfil all development requirements.

MF TECH also develops its own Mechanical and Electronic composite fiber tension systems and its own fiber impregnation baths.